Master's Thanksgiving

Parents and  Master Thanksgiving Ceremony

Namo Lord Sakyamuni Buddha - our original Master

Respectful to the Most Venerable Thích Như Tịnh(2) - our first Master,
Respectful to the Most Venerable Thích Tuệ Hải - our venerable grateful Master,
Respectful to the Most Venerable Thích Minh Khai - proving Master,
Respectful to the venerable and honorable Monks and Nuns,
Dear to lay Buddhists near and far,

We have respectfully heard: “We who were born are thanks to parents' nurture. We who are nourished are thanks to good teachers' and precious friends' teachings.” Merit of selflessness can bring usefulness, peace and happiness to the many. Careers of educating and training talent Monastic and lay Buddhists are important, legitimate and meaningful tasks. It is thanks to educating and training talent Monastic and lay Buddhists that Master and venerable Ones here are always pedantic and exemplary Teachers who cultivate, nourish and wake up the seeds of our wisdom mind (Bodhicitta) to rise up, reach to steadiness as peaceful days of today.

To describe the deeds of Master's wonderful teaching and nurture toward young generation in the present as well as in the future, a Vietnamese musician has immortal verses when referring to Master's good deeds as follows:

Master who is the clear full moon
is the solid and high mountain,
is the mellifluous stream,
is the treasure of endless love.

Master who is the cool boat
carries us to the fragrant shore.
He practices vow and action of saving the Buddha's human beings 
to make round mirror shine many directions.”

Indeed, merits of Master's deep teachings are always engraved on our minds:
Master who teaches us the noble Truth,
leads us to the solid step on the way of peaceful joy.

Respectful to venerable Master, respectful to Monastics and lay Buddhists,

Gratefulness of teachings and nurture of my Master's olden days which today I have understood. He who is a silent boatman carries passengers across river. He has entered into life by his silent sacrifice, on the trip of boat he carries heaviness of loving landing; loving landing means peaceful landing between teacher and students, between elder brothers and younger brothers, between Monastics and lay Buddhists, between people and people, between people and animals, between people and natural environment, etc.

To show and repay that deep love, we vow to try to learn and follow the teachings of our Master and Patriarchs, and we are aware to know that:

Gratefulness of his teaching and nurturing a life can help us become good people,
Affections of Master's gratitude we owe and try to do something good to be able to repay his teachings and nurture right in the present life.”

On the route of cultivating and learning the Buddhadharma in the country, we tried to complete the Bachelor's Degree in Buddhist studies at Vietnam Buddhist Institute – HCM City, 3rd Class (1997 - 2001);

In Abroad, especially in India, we completed Master's Degree in Buddhist Studies, 1st Class (2002 - 2004), philosophy Master's Degree in Buddhist Studies, 1st Class (2004 - 2005), and Doctor's Degree in Buddhist Studies (2006 - 2009) at the University of Delhi.

The good results which are achieved like this are thanks to gratefulness of parents' giving birth and nourishment, thankfulness of good teachers' teachings, precious friends, along with the venerable and honorable Monks and Nuns, Professors, scholars, practitioners, and merits of kind patrons’ offerings.

Respectful to the venerable and honorable Monastics,
Dear to near and far lay Buddhists,

On the occasion of Vu Lan Ceremony (Ullambana Ceremony)(3), Parents and  Master thanksgiving Ceremony, Monastic and lay Buddhists we beg to respectfully wish  the Most Venerable Thich Nhu Tinh 's 86th birthday celebration, along with the venerable and honorable Monks and Nuns long-standing Dharma age, eternally worldly age, numberlessly peaceful Dharma body, continually shining wisdom lamp. They who are ancient tree branches shade us in life.

Finally, we beg to wish our Master and other Masters, along with near and far lay Buddhists to dwell in and instill teachings of World-Honored One's loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom. We, along with Monastics and lay Buddhists, vow to light up the torch of Dharma lamp, vow to light up that of love, vow to light up that of affections of teacher and students, those of fellow practitioners, those of Dharma protection, and Dharma promulgation.

Out of peace for the masses, out of happiness for the masses, out of peace and happiness for devas and humanity, we vow to determinedly follow the Buddha’s teachings in order to bring peace and happiness to the many in the present as well as in the future on over this planet.

Namo Lord Sakyamuni Buddha - our original Master.

1) Viện Chủ Chùa Linh Nghĩa, Diên Thạnh, Diên Khánh, Khánh Hòa, Việt Nam. Cell phone: 0905 989 707
2) The Head of Linh Nghia Temple, Dien Thanh Commune, Dien Khanh District, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. Cell phone: 0905 989 707.
3) Vu Lan Ceremony consists of showing gratitude to one’s parents and praying for the dead being reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha or the Kingdom of God.